Monday, February 23, 2015

Stay with Us....Feel the brisk of Nature resorts

Silverwoods Resorts and Holidays is an entity in hospitality management who has been always delivering, continuous successful results to clients and have been the most trusted name for hospitality by our valued customers. Serving as one of the most trusted name in tour planning and managing luxury resorts in Kerala, Silverwoods resorts specializes in the quality that we serve  each of our clients and customers. A dedicated team of professionals with rich and vast experience in managing resorts in Kerala is our backbone for delivering continuous successful stories.  
Our strategy for success starts from effective planning and implementing things, making it progress in the right direction from the design and development of an idea, passing it through a management review for structured implementation, where various aspects of hospitality like Staffing to Food & Beverages, from Operations to Sales and Marketing and  Accounting , from leasing of properties to project management is time tested and implemented.
Silverwoods Resorts and Holidays are a leading Luxury resorts and hotel management marketing entity where services of our company are available to all our customers and clients round the clock. Quality management system principles derived by Silverwoods is reputed and known in the market and expanding rapidly, which is one of the prime reasons of our company’s fast growth. With our expertise for efficient operation in the industry targeting the world class business standards, we offer complete lease out option of premium resorts and hotels so that investors can just relax, anticipating continuous returns.

Silverwoods entity concentrates on varied platforms in the industry where we provide hospitality management consultancy services to effective working, marketing and management of resorts in Kerala to provide international standardization to make Kerala – The Gods own country an abode for both Indian and International travelers. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Solitary Experience @ Silverwoods..!!!

Silverwoods Resorts and Holidays are prime in the perception of luxury resorts. The group has developed in fame and esteem. We are attaining global standards of quality and services to our clients. We provide contemporary design that overture a splendid combination of stylish and traditional generosity without departing from the vivid charisma. Our one and only motto is customer satisfaction. We have designed the itineraries solely. At Silverwoods Resorts and Holidays, we understand the unique need of each customer and we are handy to walk further mile to fulfill their needs. We offer spacious range of travel and tour package services in different destinations of Kerala. Customer satisfaction is our most preference. Our mission is to hand over quality and illustrated services as a professional in the consignment of exclusive services. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Enjoy Stunning Holidays@Silverwoods resorts..!!!

Holiday is the most important time for you to replenish your energy, to really indulge your senses and center yourself in a relaxed manner. At Silverwoods Resorts and Holidays we are devoted to offer quality accommodation to our patron. Within our luxury resorts, we are equipped with remarkable facilities to explore‘God’s Own Country’,Kerala. We have prowess in arranging personalized tours for you and your loved ones to make your travel experiences momentous. If you are contemplating such a unique holiday experience that could replenish your body and mind, Silverwoods resorts welcomes you with ease. For those looking for a honeymoon getaway, our resorts provide the ideal romantic ambience for an unforgettable and thrilling experience. We provide you luxurious stay with pleasant long lasting memories. With us you can sit back and relish the sights and sounds of Kerala’s abiding land. We invites you to feel the precision, while Silverwoods Resorts and Holidays go after delivering dream…

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Silverwoods resorts at a glance..

Silverwoods Resorts and Holidays is a leading Luxury hotels and resorts management and marketing entity in Kerala.We are a well established firm having resorts in Munnar and Wayanad.We render specialization in Tour Operations and Marketing of Premium resorts and hotels in Kerala. The company specializes in hospitality industry, giving quality and progressive services to premium resorts in Kerala at various destinations.We provide special Tours and Travel packages to major tourist destinations  including Munnar, Wayanad, Thekkady, Kumarakom, and Cochin for the guests enjoying Holidays in Kerala. Quality management system ensures rapid growth of the company which makes the firm high potential among other marketing resorts in Kerala. With our innovative management skills and in house expertise we offer best and focused services to premium hotels and resorts and ensure quick turnaround for investors. We are providing reliable, prompt, consistent and customer friendly quality services.